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20 top investors are looking for the 50 best Belgian start-up to invest in!

That’s why FundMe, Leansquare, MyMicroInvest and Trends-Tendances team up to shed light on the hottest Belgian start-up of the year 2015.


Fundme, with the magazine Challenges, does this operation every year in France, with the « 100 French start-up to invest in ». Now we’re looking for Belgium’s top 50 !

The 50 start-up will be selected by our Jury of 20 professionnal investors : 10 top VCs (5 French, 5 Belgians) and 10 top Business Angels (5 French, 5 Belgians), as well as a member of Trends-Tendances. The winning start-up will be presented in the magazine Trends (in Dutch) and Trends-Tendances (in French), our media partner.

How to participate?

To participate, you just have to create a Fundme profile for your start-up on Make sure that you fully fill it, and that you locate your startup in Belgium. The contest is open to all Belgian start-up looking for funds (5 million euros tops).

Keep in mind that jury members will select the most « fundable » start-up. So the more info you give, the more chances you have to gain their attention !

Start-up registrations are open from today to August 1. The jury will chose the 50 best start-up, judging on their Fundme profiles. The results will be disclosed in September.

Meet the Jury : 20 Top Investors

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More information about the Jury on

About the organisators :

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Press Release : TOP 50 startup_EN_pdf

Communiqué: TOP 50 startup_FR_pdf

Persbericht : TOP 50 startup_NL_pdf

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